No. 9938. Bell 430 (N430U c/n 49002)
Photograph from Bell

Bell 430

06/30/2010. On August 17, 1996, pilot Joe Ronald 'Ron' Bower and passenger John W. Williams departed Fairoaks Airport, some 25 mls (40 km) west of London, UK, in this helicopter, for a westbound around the world flight, that took 17 days, 6 hr, 14 min, 25 sec. Returning on September 3, they had made 83 takeoffs and landings, flown 165.1 hr, and travelled 23,600 mls (37,981 km).

The helicopter was the second Model 430 produced by Bell Helicopter Division Textron Canada Ltd. at Mirabel, Quebec, and was first flown December 20, 1994, registered as C-FWQV. The registration was cancelled May 13, 1996, the helicopter was exported to the USA, where it was registered as N430Q. Subsequently it was prepared for the record flight.

In 1994 Ron Bower already established an eastbound around the world record, flying a Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III, N206AJ c/n 3577. Departing Hurst, Texas, USA, on June 28, it took 24 days, 4 hr, 36 min, 24 sec to cover the 23,384 mls (37,633 km) in 229.2 flying hr.

Created June 30, 2010