No. 9942. Breguet G3 (211) Royal Flying Corps
Photograph from Military Aircraft Photographs (MAP)

Breguet G3

06/30/2010. Remarks by Kees Kort: "This Breguet G3 (G for engine manufacturer Gnome, 3 for the power, in this case 100 hp) was one of four ordered in the FY 1913 (ending March 31, 1913). S/n 210 and 211 were Breguet G3 aircraft with the double row 100 hp Gnome rotary engine, while s/n 212 and 213 were Breguets L2 (L for Renault, 2 for 70 hp. S/n 212 was later re-engined with an 85 hp Canton-Unné nine-cylinder water-cooled radial engine.

S/n 211 was assigned to the A Flight of No. 2 Squadron in August 1912, and was tested by Geoffrey de Havilland on November 2, 1912. The following December 21, all four Breguets were transferred to No. 4 Squadron. Although passing a routine inspection, performed by the Royal Aircraft Factory on September 3, 1913, s/n 211 was struck off charge in December 1913, together with s/n 210 and 212, followed by s/n 213 in January 1914. The Breguets achieved between five and seven hours total flying time!"

Created June 30, 2010