No. 9988. Blériot Parasol (1548) Royal Naval Air Service
Photograph from Military Aircraft Photographs (MAP), taken at Eastchurch, UK, 1915

Blériot Parasol

08/31/2010. The Parasol was produced in 1914 by Blériot-Aeronautique with its head office at 39, Route de la Révolte, Paris, and flying grounds at Buc (south-west of Paris), Pau (at the Spanish border), and Brooklands (UK). Derived from the well known Blériot XI, the Parasol contributed valuable reconnaissance work, especially by the raised wing which offered the pilot a perfectly clear down view.

A total of 32 of this type were operated by the British forces, twenty by the Royal Flying Corps, fitted with either a 70 or 80 hp Gnome rotary engine (serial numbers 575 to 586, 606, 616, 902, 903, 907, 908, 2861 to 2862), while the Royal Naval Air Service operated twelve, fitted with an 80 hp Gnome rotary engine, serial numbers 1538 to 1549. The pictured aircraft belonged to RNAS 4 Squadron.

Created August 31, 2010