No. 9990. Bristol 81 Puma Trainer (G-EBFS c/n 6240)
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Bristol 81 Puma Trainer

08/31/2010. In 1922 a two-seat Type 29 Tourer (G-EAXA c/n 6120, built in May 1921) was fitted with dual controls and evaluated as a trainer. Experience with G-EAXA resulted in the construction of four more dual-control Tourers in 1923-24 for advanced flying instruction at the newly formed Reserve Flying School at Filton. These gave several years' service and were designated Type 81 Puma Trainer, and the last two had oleo undercarriages. The four produced were G-EBFR c/n 6239, G-EBFS c/n 6240, G-EBFT c/n 6241, and G-EBFU c/n 6242.

Pictured G-EBFS was registered to the Bristol Aeroplane Company Ltd. on April 19, 1923, and was cancelled a year later, May 7, 1924. Its fate is unknown.

Created August 31, 2010