No. 10225. Nicollier HN 700 Ménestrel (Minstrel) II (F-PAIA c/n 04)
Photographed at Maubeuge, France, July 18, 2004, by Henk Wadman

Nicollier HN 700 Ménestrel (Minstrel) II

11/30/2010. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The HN 700 was a larger two-seat derivative of the HN 434 and retained the latter's all-wood and fabric construction, and fixed tail wheel type undercarriage. The first HN 700 was completed in France by Charles Roussoulières and this aircraft had an 80 hp Limbach L2000 and first flew on July 7, 1989. It was soon followed by further examples, with various engines in the 80-100 hp range, including the modified 100 hp Subaru Stratos car engine (in France), the 80 hp Jabiru 2200, the 80 hp Subaru EA81, and the VW2100 (in Sweden).

Very similar to the HN 700 was the HN 701 fitted with a tricycle type undercarriage. The first such aircraft was flown on September 25, 1998, fitted with an 80 hp Limbach L2000. It was built by Max Maillet and was also referred to as HN 701TM. By 2002 reportedly some 63 HN 700/HN 701s had been completed or were under construction."

Created November 30, 2010