No. 10869. Weedhopper AX3 (OO-B30 c/n C3063118)
Photographed at Schaffen, Belgium, August 11, 2007, by Henk Wadman

Weedhopper AX3

10/31/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "The Weedhopper had it origin in the JC-24 designed by John Chotia in the mid-1970s, the first Weedhopper flew in May 1977, a two-axis Weedhopper flew in February 1978, the first pre-production flew in 1979 and the first production aircraft left the Weedhopper factory in Utah, USA. in 1980. Unfortunately John Chotia was killed while testing one of his own aircraft in 1981.

By 1993 the rights for the Weedhopper were with Ultralair SA at Prouvy-Rouvignies, France where the pictured aircraft was produced. It was first registered to Pierre van der Geeten and based at the Avernas-le-Bauduin Airport in Hannut-Liege, Belgium, where it still is as of this day."

Created October 31, 2011