No. 12248. Landray GL4 Visa Pou (58 FN)
Photographed at Nevers, France, July 16, 2005, by Henk Wadman

Landray GL4 Visa Pou

02/28/2014. Remarks by Matthew Long: "French microlight 58FN is a Landray GL4 Visa Pou built by Philippe Kind. It was a regular visitor to the Pou-du-Ciel (Flying Flea) rallies in Pont-sur-Yonne in France's Burgundy region in the mid-2000s.Designer Gilbert Landray was a prolific amateur builder and, after Emilien Croses, perhaps the best known "disciple" of Henri Mignet's two-axis control, tandem-wing formula.

Unlike Croses, Landray did not sell plans, but his GL4 Visa Pou (named for the converted CitroŽn Visa car engine which powered the prototype) was covered in detail in the pages of Les Cahiers du RSA, the magazine of the French homebuilt aircraft association.Those articles inspired amateur builders like Philippe Kind to follow Landray's example.

To learn more about Gilbert Landray's lifetime of experimentation with the Mignet formula, see the French site "The Aircraft of Gilbert Landray" by his son Etienne-Claude Landray on the Mignet enthusiast site Pouguide.org.

Created December 31, 2013