No. 12250. Aeroandina MXP-650 Amigo-S (HJ-327 c/n MXP650)
Photographed at Villavicencio, Colombia, ca. 2008, by Peter J. Gralla

Aeroandina MXP-650 Amigo-S

12/31/2013. Walter van Tilborg: "Aeroandina SA (Aerotecnologías Andina SA) was formed in 2002 as the successor of Aerotec SA (Technologías Aeronáuticas SA). The latter had succeeded Agro-Copteros Ltda in 1998, which company had during the early-1980s acquired rights for the Canadian Zenair CH-600 light two-seat homebuilt aircraft. Agro-Copteros Ltda assembled several Zenair CH-601s and Zenair CH-701s, but also developed own derivatives as the MXP-640, MXP-650 and MXP-740. These derivatives are lilicense-built in Italy by ICP.

MXP-640 Amigo: The initial version which was largely based on the CH-601HD variant. It had a longer fuselage, a much wider cabin section, modified partly covered cockpit canopy with gull-type doors and a wider chord horizontal tail plane with conventional elevators, however, retained the all-flying vertical tail of the standard CH-601. The first MXP-640 flew in 1991 or 1992 and the type was powered by an 80 hp Rotax 912 engine and all fuel was carried in two wing tanks. Several MXP-640s were operated as ag-plane in Colombia with spraying equipment under the wings and the chemical hopper located in the cabin.

MXP-640T Amigo: Similar to the MXP-640, but with an 118 hp Rotax 912 equipped with a Mitsubishi supercharger. Overall length was increased and this version offered a better overall performance, especially during hot and high operations.

MXP-650 Amigo-S: Based on the MXP-640, but fitted with an 100 hp Rotax 912S engine. Wingspan had been reduced and it had a modified and larger vertical tail with a small dorsal fairing. Reportedly this variant was initially developed for the Colombian AF and nine were supplied. Eight of these aircraft were configured as four-seaters for light transport and liaison operations."

Created December 31, 2013