No. 12331. Hollænder A.H.1 (OY-ADO c/n 1)
Photographed at Egeskov Veteranmuseum, Kværndrup, Funen, Denmark, 1970-1973, source unknown

Hollænder A.H.1

02/28/2014. This one-of-a-kind aircraft was designed and constructed by Arne Hollænder of Årre, Jutland, Denmark. Construction began in 1956, powerplant was a 30 hp engine, and initially initially the aircraft had an open cockpit. On March 28, 1957, Hollænder received a restricted permit for flights within the controlled air space of the departure airport. Even before contact with the Danish CAA, Hollænder had applied the registration OY-VFO to his aircraft, however, the aircraft was officially registered OY-ADO on June 20, 1957.

The aircraft participated in an air show, organized by the Fyns Stiftstidende, a newspaper at the isle of Funen on August 16, 1959. Due to its limited permit, it was transported there by truck to Odense, and flew within the air space of that airport. With a total of 463 flying hours the aircraft was deregistered on June 4, 1969, and the following year it was donated to the Flyhistorisk Samling (Historic Aircraft Collection) and displayed at Egeskov. In 1973 it was transferred to Danmarks Flyvemuseum (Danish Air Museum).

Created February 28, 2014