No. 12596. Taillefer DT-01 (F-PIGT c/n 01)
Photographed at Fourchambt Airpoirt, Nevers, France, July 16, 2005, by Henk Wadman

Taillefer DT-01

09/30/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The DT-01 was a homebuilt aircraft attributed to Jean-Claude Taillefer of Saint Clement de Rivière, France. In the designation the 'D' stood for Delemontez (one of the original Jodel designers) and the 'T' for Taillefer (builder of the F-PIGT). The DT-01 was heavily influenced by the Jodel/Robin types, and a Robin DR-400 airframe, wings and tail group were used in the construction of the aircraft, with several modifications to the wing. The aircraft was completed around 2003 and initially registered F-WIGT. After receiving its CofA the aircraft was reregistered F-PIGT on March 25, 2003. On June 14, 2006, it was reregistered to Frédéric Damaggio at Les Avenières."

Created September 30, 2014