No. 8800. Kramme and Zeuthen KZ I (OY-KZI c/n 8605-2)
Photographed at Stauning, Denmark, June 8, 2002, by Henk Wadman

Kramme and Zeuthen KZ I

03/31/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Viggo Kramme produced a Flying Flea for one of Copenhagen’s newspapers before Karl Gustav Zeuthen and some friends joined Kramme and produced the single-seat KZ I sport plane. Powered by a 38 hp ABC Scorpion the aircraft was first flown on February 24, 1937, registered as OY-DYL (c/n 2). The KZ I was confiscated by the German forces in 1940 and the aircraft disappeared during WW II.

In August 1937 Skandinavisk Aero Industri was formed to produce all further Kramme and Zeuthen designs.

Construction of the pictured replica, from original drawings reconstructed by Herluf Rasmussen from Brædstrup, Denmark, was initiated by Gunnar Fjord Christensen from Odense, in December 1972. After the decease of Mr. Christensen, the almost complete aircraft was sold to the Dansk Veteranflysamling (Danish Vintage Aircraft Collection) at Stauning, in 1986.

The replica made its first flight on November 20, 1988, powered by a 50 hp Volkswagen engine. It is completely built of wood and covered with plywood, and it features folding wings. The replica weighs 584 lbs (265 kg), 38% heavier than the original, and despite the more powerful engine the extra weight has a negative influence on the aircraft performance.

On May 22, 1999, the replica was reregistered to Danmarks Flymuseum (also at Stauning), and on the registration license Bertel Kring is stated as the builder."

Created March 31, 2009