No. 9487. Valtion Viima II (OO-EBL c/n VI-3)
Photographed at Gilze Rijen, the Netherlands, by Henk Wadman

Valtion Viima II

11/30/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "Diplomi-Insinööri Arvo Ylinen, Chief Designer of Valtion Lentokonetehdas (State Aircraft Factory, VL) designed an open tandem two-seat primary training biplane for the Finnish AF. Of common mixed wood and steel construction, it was fitted with a 150 hp Siemens & Halske Bramo Sh 14 A4 seven-cylinder air-cooled radial engine. The prototype, designated Viima I (Gale), was first flown by Bo von Willebrand on February 7, 1935. The aircraft proved to be very maneuverable and showed good flight characteristics especially in aerobatics.

The production prototype, designated Viima II, was first flown by Jorma Visapää on October 12, 1937. Subsequently 20 production aircraft were ordered by the Ministry of Defense, all being delivered between July and December 1939. Another two were donated by the Finnish Air Defence Guild, while a third (civil) aircraft (ex OH-ILM/OH-VKJ c/n VI-5) was added in 1953 with serial VI-40. The sturdy aircraft had an exceptional long service with the Finnish AF, the last were withdrawn in the mid-sixties.

The pictured aircraft served with s/n VI-3, withdrawn from service it was sold and registered in Finland as OH-VIG on August 20, 1963, it was deregistered on 9 April, 1970. It appeared on the UK CAA Registry as G-BAAY on August 12, 1972, and after six consecutive owners it was sold to Belgium were it was registered OO-EBL.

Created November 30, 2009