No. 9817. Skandinavisk Aero Industri KZ IX Ellehammer (OY-ACE c/n 204)
Photographed at Stauning, Denmark, June 8, 2002, by Henk Wadman

Skandinavisk Aero Industri KZ IX Ellehammer

04/30/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Like the KZ VIII the Ellehammer Standard 1909 replica was built for Sylvest Jensen's Aircircus and first flew on March 14, 1950. Of steel tube construction and fabric-covered flying surfaces, the replica has a four-cylinder in-line engine instead of the original three-cylinder radial engine. Flown by Peter Steen the replica performed 89 times in the Aircircus, and amassed a total of 21 flying hours, not only in Denmark, but also abroad, the last flight was in Karlstad (Sweden) in August 1960.

Since 1959 the Ellehammer replica belonged to the late H. P. Laursen of Silkeborg, who was responsible for maintaining the aircraft in the Aircircus. In 1988 it was loaned a twenty-year period to the Dansk Veteranflysamling (Danish Vintage Aircraft Collection) at Stauning. In the period 1989-90 the 'Aarhus volunteers group' restored the aircraft and made new wings and renovated the 85 hp Cirrus-Hermes III engine. However, due to corrosion in the steel tubes of the fuselage the plane may not fly but is able to taxi with its own power."

Created April 30, 2010