No. 8095. Jovair 4A (N4091K c/n 1)
                 Jovair 4E Sedan (N4071K c/n 1000)
Photograph from Jovair

Jovair 4A & 4E Sedan

08/15/2008. Remarks by Ray Watkins: "The Helicopter Engineering Research Corp was formed in 1947 by D.K Jovanovich and F.J. Kozloski who were former employees of the Piasecki Helicopter Corp. Their first design, the two-seat tandem rotor Jov-3, flew in 1947. The company was renamed J.O.V. Helicopters in 1948.

The design rights were sold to McCulloch Motors in the same year for their new Helicopter Division, with Jovanovich as Chief Engineer. McCulloch continued development of the Model Jov-3 to produce the McCulloch MC-4, which first flew in March 1951 and received FAA certification in 1953. In 1952 the US Army purchased three examples of the MC-4C, which had small endplate rudders at the rear of the fuselage, for evaluation as the YH-30.

Jovanovich and Kozloski left McCulloch when the Airplane Division was closed, and formed Jovair Corp in 1957 to continue their work on helicopters. They resumed the design rights and purchased one of the MC-4As (N4071K) which had been produced for evaluation by the USN (as the HUM-1). The Jovair 4E Sedan was an enlarged 4-seat version of the MC-4C which received certification in March 1963. It was the last design produced by Jovair and the design rights reverted to McCulloch in 1969 who continued development of the Jovair 4E Sedan as the McCulloch MC-4E.

The picture shows the four-seat 4E Sedan with the 1962 built Jovair 4A, a stripped-down two-seat agricultural and training aircraft, in the background."

Created August 15, 2008