No. 8899. Victa R-101 Gyroplane (VH-MVB)
Photograph from Victa

Victa R-101 Gyroplane

04/30/2009. Remarks by Ray Watkins: "Victa Consolidated Industries, which is probably best known in Australia for its lawn mowers, established an Aviation Division in 1960. The first project of the Aviation Division was an all-metal four-seat lightplane, known as the R-2, which was designed by Luigi Pellarini. Development of this aircraft was shelved when Victa obtained a license to produce the two-seat Airtourer, designed by Henry Millicer, which was the first Australian light aircraft to be granted type approval.

Victa also wanted to produce a light rotary-wing aircraft and built the prototype of a two-seat all-metal autogiro which first flew in May 1962. The autogiro was designed by John Blackler and known variously as the R-101 and Project 67A. Only the prototype (VH-MVB) was produced and development ceased when the company withdrew from aviation in 1966. The aircraft is preserved at the Camden Museum of Aviation in New South Wales."

Created April 30, 2009