No. 12388. Ott Hessenland
Photographed at Mainz, Germany, 1929, source unknown

Ott Hessenland

04/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This tandem two-seater of wooden construction was built in the winter of 1928-1929 by members, including designer Hans Ott, of the Interessenvereinigung für Flugsport Mainz (Aviation Association Mainz). The braced low-wing sport aircraft was powered by a 45 hp Anzani six-cylinder two-row air-cooled radial engine.

The aircraft was trucked to the airfield at Frankfurt am Main for its first flight, which would be performed by a former military aircraft pilot (without a civil license), Friedrich Heid. On April 7, 1929, at 4.30 pm Heid started the Ott Hessenland but shortly after takeoff the aircraft stalled, sagged, bounced a number of times and finally overturned. The aircraft sustained damage to the propeller, left wing tip, rudder, and undercarriage, however, the pilot escaped injuries. The aircraft was trucked back to Mainz and subsequently repaired."

Created April 30, 2014