No. 12741. Baumann B-290 Brigadier (N90616)
Photographed at Whiteman Airpark, Pacoima, California, USA, source unkown

Baumann B-290 Brigadier

02/28/2015. Remarks by Larry Westin: "The first Baumann Brigadier was the B-250 with two 125 HP Continental C-125 engines (total of 250 hp, hence the 250 in the designation). This was sold to Piper for possible production, however Piper did not manufacture the airplane. Pictured is the second Baumann Brigadier, a model B-290 which was designed in Pacoima, with two 145 hp Continental C-145 engines. It was first flown by Billy Baumann, a cousin of the designer Jack Baumann. Although the Brigadier gained its Type Certificate, production plans fell through and the aircraft was donated to the EAA in Hales Corner Wisconsin in 1970, now the EAA Airventure Museum. By 1996 the aircraft had been cannibalized and the hull was placed outdoors. Its fate is unknown. I understand there was a second B-290 airplane, which at some time was re-engined with 165 hp Franklin engines. The Baumann Brigadier became the basis of the Custer CCW-5 Channel Wing."

Created February 28, 2015