No. 11450. Miles M.2 Hawk (PK-SAL c/n 13)
Photographed at Darmo Airport, Surabaya, Indonesia, ca. 1937, source unknown

Miles M.2 Hawk

06/30/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Designed by Miles, built by Phillips and Powers Aircraft (Reading) Limited at Reading Airport, Berkshire, UK, the aircraft was registered to the manufacturer as G-ACKX on October 18, 1933. It became PK-SAL on December 22, 1933, registered to Nederlandsch-Indische Vliegclub (Netherlands-East Indies Aero Club) at Darmo Airport.

On November 19, 1939, the plane stalled in the first turn after takeoff from Darmo Airport and crashed. Both occupants, a Mr. Sanders and his wife, Sanders-Noordhoorn, were killed and the aircraft was written off."

Created June 30, 2012