No. 386. Commonwealth C-170 Trimmer (N41999 c/n 1001)
Photographed at Fremont, California, USA, December 1971, by Ron Dupas

Commonwealth C-170 Trimmer

02/28/2009. Allied Aviation Corporation of Baltimore, Maryland designed this three-seat amphibian as the Trimmer in 1944, the production rights were sold to Commonwealth Aircraft Inc. in 1945. Commonwealth produced only two aircraft of this type (NX41853 and the pictured NC41999), powered by two 85 hp Continental C-85 engines, under the designation C-170 Trimmer in 1947.

As stated by Robert Haley, the Type Certificate was sold to Corky Biemond of Engineering Corporation, Sunnyvale, California, in 1967. Biemond planned to put the aircraft back into production and to support this the original aircraft was reregistered as the Biemond CB-1 Teal, although the aircraft is in general still the same today as produced in 1947. View also photo 8664.