No. 428. SIAI-Marchetti FN-333 Riviera (N918NS c/n 0104)
Photographed at Renton, Washington, USA, June 1977, by Ron Dupas

SIAI-Marchetti FN-333 Riviera

08/31/2010. The aircraft was produced by the SocietÓ per Azioni SIAI-Marchetti at Vergiate Airfield, Varese, Lombardia, Italy in 1964 and was first flown registered as I-SIAM. In 1966 it was sold to the USA where it was registered as N918NS. In 1994 it returned to Europe when it was sold to J. Langhoff of Germany in 1994, who undertook a ten-year restoration, reportedly the aircraft was ready for flight in 2004. View also the History Brief .