No. 4924. Zlín Z 37 Cmelak (DDR-SNB c/n 06-03)
Photographed at Kozlekedesi Transportation Museum, Budapest, Hungary, September 6, 2005, by Ron Dupas

Zlín Z 37 Cmelak

01/31/2011. This aircraft was registered on January 10, 1968 as DM-SNB to the state aviation company Interflug of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR, Germany Democratic Republic, commonly know as East Germany), and was operated by Interflug's Agrarflug (Agricultural Flight). In 1981 the DDR country code changed and the aircraft was reregistered DDR-SNB.

The registration was cancelled on December 10, 1984, and the aircraft was sold to the MEM RSz (Mezögazdasági és Élelmezésügyi Minisztérium Repülögépes Szolgálat, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Aviation Service) of Hungary, and subsequently put on display in the Kozlekedesi Transportation Museum.

January 15, 2006