No. 1119. Erco 415E Ercoupe (CF-GFU c/n 4904)
Photographed at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, by Ron Dupas

Erco 415E Ercoupe

02/22/2003. Remarks by Trevor McTavish (McTavish family operated Chinook Flying Service 1940s-1970s): "Built in 1948 CF-GFU was one of three Ercoupes used by Chinook Flying Service. For the most part, it was flown by a gentleman named, 'Doc' Hess. 'Doc' was the local Ercoupe dealer and quite a pilot - famous for crashing 'GFU more times than one can remember. He crashed it through fences, he crashed it on train tracks and roadways, he crashed it in farmers fields. Yet some how it survived, having been completely restored in 1995 and flies out of Springbank airport (west of Calgary, Alberta)."

December 16, 2001