No. 995. Atlas H-10 (N37463 c/n 1)
Photographed at Long Beach, California, USA, December 1971, by Ron Dupas

Atlas H-10

06/15/2006. Info from Aerofiles, Ed Coates, Joe Harris, Herman Keil and Walter van Tilborg: "This aircraft was designed by Max Harlow for an USAAC trainer design competition as the tandem-seat Harlow PJC-4 and built at the Pasadena Junior College (hence the PJC in the designation). It was original powered by a Lycoming O-435, later by the twin-tandem Continental GO-300 (two flat sixes mounted on top of one another) driving contra-rotating propellers.

It was sold to an unknown company and reappeared in 1947 as the four-place cabin Atlas H-10. It was powered by a Lycoming IO-720 and was initially fitted with a two-blade propeller, as pictured in 1949 and 1956, but was later fitted with a constant speed three blade propeller. The CofA was cancelled in September 1966, but the aircraft is still existent and on the FAA Register. The registration is reserved by Eve K. Nash, Vista, California. The aircraft is dismantled and stored by Bill Nash. Joe is restoring a Harlow PJC-2 (c/n 2) in Oklahoma and is getting closer to flying after 20 years of work."

Created December 31, 2001