No. 5686. Continental KB-1
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Continental KB-1

06/30/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "In 1916, the young Vincent Justus Burnelli (November 22, 1895 - June 21, 1964) joined the Continental Aircraft Company located in Amityville, Long Island, New York, USA, as chief engineer and superintendent. Here he designed the KB-1, his second aircraft to be completed and flown.

The KB-1 was designed to a US Army Signal Corps specification for a reconnaissance aircraft. The tandem two-seat open cockpit pusher biplane was of conventional design, with a monocoque nacelle of mahogany veneer and twin steel tube booms supporting the tailplane. It had a quad landing gear with Ackerman wheels and "tusks" for ground braking. It also featured safety fuel system, engine interchangeability, and was powered by a crank-started 135 hp Hall-Scott A-5A engine, driving a three-bladed Paragon pusher propeller.

Despite successful demonstration flights by test pilot Bert Acosta over New York, at temperatures as low as -11 F (-24 C), no contract was awarded.

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