No. 1237. Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman Mk.VI (CF-GSK c/n 501) Pacific Western Airlines
Photographed at Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, 1952-1956

Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman Mk.VI

Remarks by Bruce Gowans and Robert Noorduyn:

CF-GSK, UC-64A Mk VI, c/n 501, USAF s/n 43-35427:
Deployed May 1944 with USAAF Air Transport Command.
Transferred to RFC September 1945 for disposition as "Excess".
Sold by RFC to Green & Long, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, date unknown, NC28361.
Next, sold to T.S. Douglas, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, May 2, 1950, CF-GSK.
Next, sold to Western Aircraft Sales & Service, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, July 13, 1951.
Thereafter, the aircraft was operated by Queen Charlotte Airlines (1952 - 1956) and later by Pacific Western Airlines, for Uranium Corp.
Next, sold to Bullock, Hughes, & Tillman, Calgary, Alberta, Canada May 21, 1958.
Next, with Bullock Wings and Rotors, Calgary, Alberta, April 16, 1959.
Next, sold to Harrison Airways, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, April 3, 1962.
On September 12, 1962, DOT Canada notified that the aircraft is a complete write-off. Details not available. Robert H. Noorduyn suspects that the aircraft was found to be contaminated with a radioactive substance.

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