No. 1242. Douglas DC-8-11 (N8008D c/n 45252)
Photograph from Douglas

Douglas DC-8-11

03/31/2011. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "The DC-8-11, intended for domestic operations, was powered by four 13,000 lb (5,897 kg) s.t Pratt & Whitney JT3C-6 turbojet engines. Fuel capacity was 17,500 gal (66,245 liters) and the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) was 265,000 lbs(120,202 kg). The aircraft could seat 124 to 176 economy class passengers depending on the airline.

This was the prototype DC-8 that was rolled out on April 9, 1958, and made its first flight on May 30, 1958 registered N8008D. In 1960, it was converted to a DC-8-51 by installing 17,000 lb (7,711 kg thrust) s.t Pratt & Whitney JT3D-1 turbofan engines which increased the MTOW to 276,000 lbs (125,192 kg). It made its first flight in this configuration on December 20, 1960.

The first operator was National Airlines of Miami, Florida, USA which leased it from June 21, 1961 to May 26, 1962. It was sold to Trans International Airlines of Oakland, California, on June 20, 1962 and leased to the German airline Luftansa for charter services between May 11 and December 1965 and then to Canadian Pacific Airlines of Vancouver, British Columbia between October 2, 1966 and October 1, 1967, registered CF-CPN and named 'Empress of Santiago'.

The same day it returned from CP Air, it was sold to the US airline Delta Air Lines of Atlanta, Georgia, and reregistered N8008D. Delta sold it to the leasing company F.B. Ayer and Associates (FBA) of Miami, Florida on March 23, 1979 and it was leased to the Mexican airline Aeromexico as XA-DOE 'Quintna Roo' between April 1, 1979 and January 1, 1982.

When it returned from this lease, it was stored at Pinal Airpark, Marana, Arizona, and reregistered N8008D in February 1987. FBA sold the aircraft to Agro Air International of Miami, Florida in 1989. It remained at Pinal Airpark and was used for spare parts until scrapped at this airport in 2001."

Created January 31, 2002