No. 448. Canadair CL-44D4-1 Seaboard World Airlines
               Canadair CL-44D4-6 Slick Airways
Photograph from Canadair

Canadair CL-44D4

The following text from Aviation Week is not unique to the aircraft pictured:

11/21/1960. The first swing-tail CL-44 is the ninth aircraft off the assembly line. The preceeding eight are side-loading CL-44-6 aircraft for the Canadian Air Force.

06/27/1960. The swing tail on the CL-44 is mounted on two hinges and an inflatable seal maintains cabin pressure. Actuators to swing the tail open are located in the dorsal fin and consist of two interconnected articulated hydraulic jacks. Slick Airways is scheduled to receive its first CL-44 in January 1961.

11/07/1960. The CL-44 is designed to work with a mechanized loading system that will reportedly allow 63,000 lb (28,576 kg) of cargo payload to be unloaded and loaded in 45 minutes.

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