No. 477. Aerocar One (N101D c/n 3)
Photograph from Aerocar

Aerocar One

Read the type remarks on page 10610.

The following text from Aviation Week is not unique to the aircraft pictured:

02/22/1960. A non-roadable four-place version of the Aerocar, called the Aero-Plane made its first flight in Longview, Washington, USA. The tricycle gear aircraft uses the same Lycoming engine and folding wing (for storage) as the Aerocar. Elimination of the automotive components provided the weight-saving necessary to add two passengers. Price is $9,995.

03/27/1961. Contract has been signed by Aerocar International Corp., Ft. Worth, Texas, USA, with Temco Missiles & Aircraft Division of Ling-Temco Electronics Inc., Dallas, Texas, for quantity production of M.B. (Molt) Taylor's two-pace Aerocar, contingent upon sufficient orders being realized by July 1 to warrant tooling costs. Aerocar International is a new firm formed recently by Roy Hyde of Ft. Worth with Molt Taylor as vice-president engineering and Herman Zimmer, vice president-marketing. Taylor, who first flew his Aerocar in 1950 and has logged more than 1,000 flight hours and 100,000 road mls (160,934 km) on the vehicle, was a naval aviator and project engineer at the Naval Aircraft Factory were he was in charge of pilotless aircraft and missile development prior to setting up Aerocar Inc in Longview.

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