No. 500. Bristol 175 Britannia 314 (CF-CZD c/n 13396) Canadian Pacific Airlines
Photograph from Canadian Pacific

Bristol 175 Britannia 314

01/22/2007. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This aircraft made its first flight on June 13, 1958 and was delivered to Canadian Pacific Airlines 14-days later registered CF-CZD and named 'Empress of Santiago'; the aircraft was later named 'Empress of Buenos Aires' and 'Empress of Winnipeg'. In January 1966, it was sold to the British airline Caledonian Airways registered G-ATNZ and named 'County of Inverness'. In 1970, Caledonian and British United Airways merged and the new company was named British Caledonian Airways. The aircraft was sold in April 1971 and was scrapped at Biggin Hill in the summer of 1971."

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