No. 503. Canadair CL-41 (CF-LTW-X c/n 1)
Photograph from Canadair

Canadair CL-41

This private venture was ordered into production as the CT-114A Tutor by the RCAF in September, 1961.

The following text is from Aviation Week:
01/18/1960. This CL-41 made its first flight on January 13, 1960, piloted by Ian McTavish. It was in the air 1 hours 18 minutes. The aircraft was the first to fly with Pratt & Whitney's JCT12A-2 turbojet engine other then a testbed.
01/25/1960. The flight was limited to 15,000 ft (4,572 m) altitude and 320 mph (515 kmh).

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