No. 504. Canadair CL-44D4-6 (N603SA c/n 29) Slick Airways
Photograph from Canadair

Canadair CL-44D4-6

12/19/2003. Remarks by Olafur Sigurdsson: "The aircraft was sold to Blue Bell Aviation in 1973 and registered as N100BB. The Aircraft was sold to Tradewinds in 1986 and operated under various operators such as TIA (TradeWinds International Airlines), APAC (Asia Pacific Air Cargo) or Aerocarga. In December 1992 the aircraft was hit badly by a lightning and all engines flamed out. The crew did an emergency landing but since the flaps were pulled out at far to high speed the aircraft suffered structural damage which was beyond economic repair. It was scrapped in Borinquen, Puerto Rico in February 1994."

Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This aircraft made its first flight as CF-NYC-X on December 26, 1961. It was delivered to Slick Airways of San Francisco, California, USA, on February 5, 1962 registered N603SA. Slick encountered financial problems and service was suspended on August 27, 1965. Slick's assets being used for military operations were transferred to Airlift International of Miami, Florida, USA, on July 1, 1966; this is one of the aircraft transferred. The aircraft was leased to Trans Mediterranean Airways in 1967-68 and was sold to Blue Bell Aviation/Wrangler Aviation in June 1973."

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