No. 549. Fairchild 205 C-123B Provider (54-561 c/n 20010) US Air Force
Photograph from USAF

Fairchild 205 C-123B Provider

08/31/2010. Produced as a C-123B-3-FA for the USAF under s/n 54-561, the aircraft was transferred under the MAP to Thailand. The Royal Thai AF took the aircraft on charge on November 8, 1968 with the serial BL.4-13/11 and tail code 40561, and it was assigned to 61 Squadron at RTAFB Don Muang.

It was part of the United Nations Detachment in Korea from May 1, 1969 till August 25, 1976, thereafter it returned to Thailand. It was struck from the Royal Thai AF inventory on October 21, 1982. Reportedly it was seen as withdrawn from use at Pusan, South Korea, in 1996. View also the History Brief .