No. 589. On Mark Marketeer (N40Y c/n 28605)
Photographs from On Mark

On Mark Marketeer

The following text from Aviation Week is not unique to the aircraft pictured:

01/30/1961. Interiors of all Marketeer and Marksman aircraft are custom-finished to the buyer's specifications. This five-passenger cabin includes a couch, two chairs, folding desk, air-to-ground telephone, repeater radar scope and instruments. Extra seats can be installed on rails in front of couch.
On Mark provides room in the cabin of the aircraft by removing the rear wing spar and substituting a circumferential ring bulkhead to which the wings are mounted in the same place as with the carry through spar. Forward wing spar is not changed because of the magnitude of the re-engineering required and crew members are therefore left with the inconvenience of mounting the flight deck through a crawlway along the right side of the cabin beneath the spar.
Since the unpressurized Marketeer and the pressurized Marksman are STC category aircraft, On Mark cannot guarantee or advertise performance except for that which is listed in the military handbook for the aircraft.... Removal of gun turrets and armor plate, bombing equipment, bomb-bay doors and actuators and other combat equipment has considerably cleaned up the aircraft aerodynamically and greatly reduced the weight even with plush interiors.

From Joe Baugher's Home Page: "Douglas A-26C-30-DT Invader s/n 44-35236 converted to On Mark Marketeer N2889D, later N40Y, N401Y."

Remarks by John Owen: "I have flown in this aircraft many times as a boy. It belonged to the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Steel, Corp in Youngstown, Ohio, USA. It was sold when the company took delivery of a Gulfstream I in 1960 and the number, N40Y was transferred when they sold the A-26 and took delivery of the G-1. The company also operated a Locheed Lodestar, N90Y. They operated a flight department from the early 1950's til 1979. My father, C. B. Owen, Jr., retired as chief pilot in 1979 and had flown with the company from 1957. The company sold the Lodestar around 1970 and then sold the G-1 in 1979 when the company merged with J and L Steel which had a flight department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA."

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