No. 620. Temco TE-1 YT-35 Buckaroo (50-738) US Air Force
Photograph from Temco

Temco TE-1 YT-35 Buckaroo

05/31/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Derived from the GC-1A Swift, Temco designed the TE-1A primary trainer as a contender for a USAF competition (eventually won by the Beech T-34). It had new designed wings fitted to the Swift fuselage and a sliding canopy covered the two in tandem placed seats. Three TE-1A’s were tested by the USAF as the YT-35 Buckaroo, s/n 50-738 to 740, and ten TE-1B T-35A Buckaroo’s were supplied in the MDAP to Saudi Arabia, USAF s/n 53-4465 to 53-4474."

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