No. 799. Douglas DC-7 (N6302C c/n 44266) United Air Lines "Mainliner New York"

Douglas DC-7

Text on back: "The nation's number 1 coast-to-coast airline. Pride of the fleet - United's new 365 mph (587 kmh) DC-7s, the world's fastest airliner. You enjoy service fit for a king in this newest addition to United's Mainliner fleet."

02/15/2007. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "Delivered to United Air Lines of Chicago, Illinois, USA, on April 20, 1954, registered N6302C and named "Mainliner New York" the aircraft was subsequently named "Mainliner Chicago".

The aircraft was sold to C&J Aircraft Leasing Co. of Wildwood, New Jersey, on January 24, 1964 and delivered to US Overseas Airlines of Wildwood, and placed in storage at Wildwood from 1964 or earlier. Sold to APA Services, Inc., of Linden, New Jersey, but remained in storage at Wildwood. The aircraft was destroyed by fire while it was being scrapped at Wildwood."