No. 801. Douglas DC-8-41 (CF-TJA c/n 45442) Trans-Canada Air Lines

Douglas DC-8-41

Text on back: "DC-8 Jet Empress Canadian Pacific - the only Canadian airline serving five continents."

03/31/2011. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "The DC-8-41 was intended for intercontinental operations and was powered by four 17,500 lb (7,938 kg) s.t Rolls-Royce Conway R.Co. 12 bypass engines. Fuel capacity was 17,500 gal (66,245 liters) and the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) was 276,000 lbs (125 192 kg).

This was the ninth DC-8 built and it made its first flight on July 23, 1959 registered N6577C to Douglas Aircraft. It was delivered to the Canadian airline Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA) of Montreal, Quebec on September 25, 1960 registered CF-TJA with fleet number 801, the first of four DC-8-41s purchased by this airline. TCA was renamed Air Canada on June 1, 1964. It was later converted to a DC-8-43 with a fuel capacity of 23,400 US gallons (19,485 Imperial gallons or 88,579 liters) and a MTOW of 315,000 lbs (142,882 kg).

The aircraft was leased to the Jamaican airline Air Jamaica of Kingston from July 28, 1977 to March 15, 1980 registered 6Y-JME. On July 28, 1980, it was sold to the Peruvian airline Aeronaves del Perú of Lima, registered OB-R1205 and scrapped in January 1986 in Lima after having been withdrawn from use and stored. View also photo 545."