No. 639. Schweizer 1-23 (N98163) "June Bug"
Photographed at Fancher Field, Wenatchee, Washington, USA, by Ron Dupas

Schweizer 1-23

(This photo was originally identified as a Schweizer 126)

Remarks by Seth Schlifer: "This photo is a tricky one. The double taper of the wing (see sharp angle of trailing edge) is the give away. The 1-26 has a straight trailing edge, although the wing is tapered. Also this photo shows the more elliptical cross section of the fuselage which is not a 1-26 feature. This is an earlier model of the 1-23. I flew my Silver Badge distance and 5hr duration in the later 1-23 H-15 over 22 years ago."

08/14/2002. Remarks by Phil Entz: "The June Bug (1-23) in this photo was also stationed at Fancher Field, Wenatchee Washington. Due to the tower on the hill, that's where I think the photo was taken. The aircraft is in storage now. Its owner used to be one of the air scouts instructors at Fancher Field."

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