No. 474. Schweizer SGS 2-12 TG-3A (N66630 c/n 63)
Photographed at Polson, Montana, USA, 1969, by Ron Dupas

Schweizer SGS 2-12 TG-3A

05/31/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Derived from the all-metal SGS 2-8 TG-2, the wings and tail of the TG-3 were constructed of wood with fabric covering, the fuselage was constructed of steel-tube with fabric covering. Three prototypes XTG-3 (s/n 42-14702 to 42-14704), and 111 TG-3 production aircraft (s/n 42-52924 to 42-52998, 42-53097 to 42-53131, 42-91974) were manufactured for the USAAF in 1942.

The pictured aircraft carried s/n 41-52983 and came on the civil registry as N66630. It was transferred to the American Air Museum, Duxford, UK in mid-1996, some others are preserved in the USA."

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