No. 4120. Hughes H-4 Hercules (NX37602)
Photographed at Evergreen Air Museum, McMinnville, Oregon, USA, March 2005, by Ron Dupas

Hughes H-4 Hercules

04/14/2005. Remarks by Ron Dupas: "When I visited the museum to see this giant I was unprepared for its size. This airplane is so large that it cannot be photographed in its entirety from anywhere within the large building in which it is housed. Additonal photos of the interior and exterior of the aft fuselage give an indication of its immense size".

Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "'Spruce Goose' was the nickname given by the press, other nicknames were 'wooden wonder', 'the flying coffin' and 'the flying lumber yard'. First, and only flight with a length of 1 mile (1.6 km), was made on November 2, 1947, with Howard Hughes at the controls. Thereafter the aircraft was hidden from view for over 25 years."

Created April 14, 2005