No. 899. Minnesota Airmotive Super Lodestar (N58MA c/n 2157) Minnesota Airmotive
Photographed at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, by Ron Dupas

Minnesota Airmotive Super Lodestar

06/30/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The pictured aircraft was built as a civil Model 18-56 Lodestar. Under the serial 41-29639 it was impressed by the USAAC and designated C-60 for Lend-Lease to RAF. The RAF took the aircraft on charge in 1942 as a Lodestar Mk.II, serialed EW989. Struck off charge on September 28, 1946, the aircraft was transferred to the Spanish AF.

In 1954 this aircraft was sold to Minnesota Airmotive Inc. at Wold Chamberlain Field, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and on December 8, it was allotted the registration N9931F for transfer from Spain to the USA. Minnesota Airmotive was one of a number of aircraft retrofitters that used the surplus Lockheed Model 18 series. Beside the straightforward conversion to executive transports, also developed a fast version with an extended range by adding 85 gal (322 l) tip-tanks as well as many aerodynamic improvements. This version was known as the Super Lodestar.

After conversion of the ex-Spanish AF Lodestar to the Super Lodestar prototype was completed by May 1956, it was reregistered N58MA. It was reregistered to Minneapolis-Honeywell Corporation in March 1959, and to the Aerodyne Engineering Corporation of Dallas, Texas in 1963. Subsequently it was reregistered N1030J, the ultimate fate of the aircraft is unknown."

Created October 22, 2001