No. 255. Howard Super Ventura (N5390N c/n 237-5495) Howard Aero Service
Photographed at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, ca. 1959, by Ron Dupas

Howard Super Ventura

04/30/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Produced in 1943 by Vega at Burbank, California, USA, as a Model 237 PV-1 Ventura for the USN under BuNo. 34605 (c/n 237-5495) the aircraft was transferred to the RCAF under the Lend-Lease Act on July 22, 1943. Struck off charge on March 19, 1952, the aircraft was acquired by Spartan Air Services of Ottawa, Ontario on May 12, 1954.

A month later, June 14, the aircraft was delivered to Howard Aero Service of San Antonio, Texas, registered as N5390N, and subsequently converted to the prototype/demonstrator of the Super Ventura. It flew as such for the first time on May 5, 1955, some years later it was repainted. It was reregistered to N46F on February 15, 1961.

On June 30, 1961, it was sold to Hunt Oil of Dallas, Texas, January 1969 it was registered as N4680, and returned to Howard on the 22nd of that month. It was sold to Clarks Aerial Services of Brownfield, Texas on July 16, 1969, and converted to a crop sprayer the aircraft flew another eight years.

It was acquired by the Montgomery Airport Authority of Montgomery, Alabama in January 1977 and subsequently used for crash/fire/rescue training."

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