No. 7A. Junkers Ju 88 A-6/U Luftwaffe
Source unknown

Junkers Ju 88 A-6/U

Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "These photographs depict a quite unusual version of this aircraft: the Ju 88 A-6/U. This particular version stemmed from the Ju 88 A-6, a bomber equipped with balloons cable cutters. Anyway, these devices caused an unacceptable decay of the flying characteristics.

Consequently the cable cutters were removed from all aircraft and some Ju 88 A-6 were still used as bombers, while others were modified for long-range sea reconnaissance (like the aircraft depicted) and were called Ju 88 A-6/U. In these aircraft the gondola housing the rear gun under the cockpit was removed and a search radar type FuG 200 Hohentwiel was installed.

Both photographs clearly show the radar antennae on the fuselage nose front sides, along with the lack of the gondola under the cockpit."

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