No. 2002. Blackburn B-26 Botha Mk.I (W5065) RAF
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 161

Blackburn B-26 Botha Mk.I

Remarks by Chris Pinn: "This photo shows Blackburn Botha W5065 in pristine 'end of line' condition before being delivered to the No. 3 School of General Reconnaissance at Squire's Gate, Blackpool. The Botha was designed to the same specification as the highly successful Bristol Beaufort, however the Botha is remembered as being an extremely bad aircraft which is rather unfair.

Both aircraft were roughly the same size and weight, but the Beaufort was fitted with the Bristol Taurus which delivered about 300 hp more than the Perseus engines fitted to the Botha. Unfortunately there were not enough Taurus engines to meet demand, so the Botha had to make do with the inadequate power of the Perseus." View also photo 9939.

Created December 15, 2002