No. 2003. Miles M.37 Martinet (HN861) RAF
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 2491

Miles M.37 Martinet

Remarks by Chris Pinn: "What a pleasant surprise. The most published photo of a Miles Martinet shows HN862 and here we have HN861 for a change!

The Miles Martinet was a dedicated target tug evolved from the Master Mk.II. The rear cockpit was modified to provide room for the winch equipment and operator, resulting in the need to move the engine forwards to preserve the balance. It was an extremely pleasant aircraft to fly, source: my father, he flew them at RAF Gosport in 1945. On the port side of the fuselage there was a wind driven winch fitted which cannot be seen in this starboard side shot. However it is most certainly there as the pylon to guide the target drogue can be seen on the bottom of the fuselage. Also plain to see is part of one of the black stripes from the black & yellow striped target tug scheme. The upper surfaces were brown and green."

Created December 15, 2002