No. 2068. Curtiss 75L P-36C Hawk (38-85 c/n 12499, et al) US Army Air Corps
Photographed at the National Air Races, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, September 1, 1939
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 160

Curtiss 75L P-36C Hawk

02/28/2006. Remarks by Steven Eisenman: "These P-36Cs belonged to the 27th Pursuit Squadron of the 1st Pursuit Group, 2nd Wing, General Headquarters Air Force based at Selfridge Field, Michigan, USA. The leading aircraft is s/n 38-85 with the number 69 on the tail (the 6 is hardly visible). The aircraft were on display at the National Air Races to show not only the US Army's preparedness, but also the various camouflage schemes tested at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA, during the Carolina War Games of 1939.

Twelve P-36C's were painted in this unusual camouflage, in the picture accompanied by six "normal" painted aircraft. The schemes were of three classes:
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