No. 2280. Short S.25 Sunderland Mk.I (L2163 c/n S.865) Royal Air Force
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 26

Short S.25 Sunderland

03/12/2003. Remarks by Chris Pinn: "The prototype Sunderland K4774 first flew on October 16, 1937 and service began soon after in June 1938 with 210 and 230 Squadrons. The weather-beaten grey/green camouflaged aircraft featured, Sunderland Mk.I, s/n L2163, coded "DA-G", was the sixth production aircraft from the initial batch of eleven. The photo was taken early in the war when L2163 was serving with 210 Squadron at Pembroke Dock. A total of 90 Mk.I's were built."

Created March 8, 2003