No. 2097. Short S.25 Sunderland Mk.I (L2163 c/n S.865) Royal Air Force
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 219

North American NA-21 XB-21

02/28/2003. Remarks by Colin Urry: "This photo shows an early Sunderland Mk.I of No. 210 Squadron with side blister gun positions prior to the introduction of the dorsal turret. This model was fitted with Pegasus engines and was massively underpowered. I well remember an old sergeant who I knew very well, telling me, how on the retreat towards India, from the Japanese, they experienced three engine failures and each time they had to touch down to tie the props, as they didn't fully feather. They eventually got off on one engine after about 10 mls (16 km), with all surplus crew running too and fro to break the suction. Happy days or not?"

Created January 17, 2003