No. 969. Jodel D.11 (CF-YOY c/n F 5089)
Photographed at Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, September 1969, by Ron Dupas

Jodel D.11

08/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "If any aircraft can be said to epitomise the postwar light aircraft movement in Europe, it must be the Jodel low-wing club training and touring aircraft which have been built by many individuals and companies since the early 1950s. The name Jodel is a contraction of the names of test pilot Edouard Joly and designer, Jean Delemontez. Société des Avions Jodel, based at Beaune, started with the single-seat D.9 family in 1948 and two-seat D.11 family from 1950.

Jodel acted as a design bureau and a provider of plans, and built only a few aircraft of the many variants (listed below) themselves, most were built by several other commercial licensed-production companies and from plans by amateur builders, both developing many sub variants (not listed). The pictured CF-YOY was built by John Ivens in 1968 from plans provided by Falconar of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Powered by a Lycoming O-290 engine, it is unique in that it had retractable landing gear, which retracted back, leaving only a part of the wheel sticking out in the slip stream. The aircraft is no longer active.

D.11. Two-seat enlarged version of D.9 with enclosed cockpit and 45 hp Salmson 9Adb, first flew as F-WBBF on May 5, 1950.
D.111. D.11 with a 75 hp Minie 4DC.
D.112 Club. Principal commercial and amateur variant with a 65 hp Continental A65.
D.113. Amateur variant with an 100 hp Continental O-200-A.
D.114. Amateur variant with a 70 hp Minie 4DA.28.
D.115. Amateur variant with a 75 hp Mathis 4-GF-60.
D.116. Amateur variant with a 60 hp Salmson 9AOR.
D.117 Grand Tourisme. Commercial variant with a 90 hp Continental C90 and fitted with revised electrical equipment.
D.118. Amateur variant with a 60 hp Walter Mikron II.
D.119. Amateur variant of D.117.
D.120 Paris-Nice. Wassmer equivalent of D.117.
D.121. Amateur variant with a 75 hp Continental A75.
D.122. Amateur variant with a 75 hp Praga engine.
D.123. Amateur variant with a 85 hp Salmson 5AP.01.
D.124. Amateur variant with a 80 hp Salmson 5AQ.01.
D.125. Amateur variant with a 90 hp Kaiser.
D.126. Amateur variant with a 85 hp Continental A85."

01/15/2003. Remarks by Al Beasley: "I was pleased to see a photo of John Ivens' Jodel D.11, as I was lucky enough to fly with John in this airplane and was very surprised at its acceleration on takeoff. John worked for the British Columbia forest service, and the airplane was based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, not too far from where your photo was taken. My flight was probably in 1970. I've seen the airplane up for sale, and I've lost contact with John."

Created November 8, 2001