No. 1104. Wittman W-8 Tailwind (C-FPSD c/n 63-001)
Photographed at Brantford, Ontario, Canada, 2001, by Mike Zandstra

Wittman W-8 Tailwind

12/10/2001. Remarks by owner Mike Zandstra: "This tailwind was built by Keith Hopkinson and Hugh Pollock in the late 60's with the first flight in the fall of 1969. It was purchased from a hanger mate, Peter Bullman, who recovered it five or six years ago. The Texas map says 'Lone Star State' with 'Sky-Doll' written below, for reasons known only to Peter. I've owned it for only a few months and am planning a major engine overhaul for this winter."

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Created December 10, 2001