No. 6718. Douglas DC-7C/F Shannon Air
Photographed at Shannon Airport, County Clare, Ireland, ca. 1959, by Joe Hennessey

Douglas DC-7C/F

09/30/2007. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "Shannon Air Ltd. began operations as an independent charter airline in 1964 from Shannon Airport, County Clare, Ireland. The company had substantial financial backing from investors in the United States and the governing director was Kermit Roosevelt, grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. The company leased three aircraft.

DC-4, c/n 42911, registered EI-ANL

DC-7C/F, c/n 45190, registered EI-ANM
This aircraft was registered in Ireland on July 22, 1964 and delivered in August. The registration was cancelled in February 1966 and the aircraft was returned to the lessor, Frederick B. Ayer and Associates.

DC-7C/F, c/n 45128, registered EI-AOC
This aircraft was leased from Air Rent, Inc. for nine months beginning March 16, 1965 and was registered in Ireland on May 23. The aircraft was sold to Frederick B. Ayer and Associates in December 1965 but the Irish registration was not cancelled until January 1966.

Shannon Air ceased operations when it went into bankruptcy in 1966." (Sorry, no larger image available.)

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